I have been working on the Ethos OS project since 2010. Ethos is a ground-up operating system, running on top of Xen virtual machine minitor.

I am currently doing some foundational work to build a native file system for Ethos OS. It is built on Xen Block Device.

Previously, I ported the secure network protocol of Ethos OS, called MinimaLT, to Linux. The port is called MinimaltD (formerly netStackGo). The daemon and Go package together makes MinimaLT protocol available to Linux Go programs.


  • Ethos File System: Ground-up native file system for Ethos OS.
  • KVM device emulator: Implement interrupt-related device emulators for KVM in userspace, e.g. PIC, IOAPIC, PIT. The goal is to reduce attack surface of KVM interrupt handling code in kernel space, but do interrupt handling in userspace. Summer internship project with Google.
  • ESXi Port: Port kernel GDB stub of ESXi, as part of an effort to port ESXi to alternative CPU architecture. Summer internship research project with VMware.
  • MinimaltD: Port Ethos' secure networking protocol to Linux in Go Language.
  • Ethos Markup: A light-weight graphics system for Ethos OS.