Teaching Assistant

  • Fall 2013: CS 107: Introduction to Computing and Programming.
  • Spring 2013: CS 111: Programming Design I (Formerly CS 101).
  • Spring 2012: CS 101: Introduction to Computing.
  • Spring 2012: CS 102: Introduction to Programming.
  • Spring 2011: CS 101: Introduction to Computing.
  • Fall 2010: CS 101: Introduction to Computing.

For CS 111 Students

I packed Dr. Java with bookclasses into a self-extractable for Windows, which installs Dr. Java with bookclasses pre-configured. For security reasons, I cannot upload it to my web page, but I made it available on DropBox.

Please realize the implied security risk before downloading and running it. I and UIC have no liability if it caused you loss by all means. If you cannot accept such risk, please download from their official website and configure on your own.