CS 526 - Computer Graphics II                                           -- Yiwen Sun

Project 2 ENDURANCE Viz

In this project I created a 3D visualization of some real data that was collected in December in Antarctica at Lake Bonney area.

The program was written in C# with VTK on WindowsXP system.


Data from the file endurance.csv

Location (X,Y,Depth)             


  • Conductivity (S/m)

  • Temperature (C )

  • CDOM (ru)

  • Chl-a (ru)

  • REDOX (meV)

  • PAR (umol/m^2*s^1)

  • pH

  • Turbidity (ru)

Daily progress of the mapping mission based on the scanning date infomation.

A satellite photograph of the lake: Bonney-12-6-08.jpg

Bathymetry of the site given as a set of 8-bit greyscale depth values in west-1262by584.raw

Visualization and Capabilities

A 2D plot of value and number of points on that value is drawn. It can help to detect anomalies, like missing values, and set thresholds to filter out invalid values.

The GUI is developed based on ZedGraph APIs.

basic pipeline: vtkPolyData -> vtkMaskPoints -> vtkGlyph3D -> vtkPolyDataMapper -> vtkActor


 The GUI on the Dataset panel allows user to select different dataset to view, change the depth scale, change the mask point ratio, and turn on / off cube axes.

User can turn on/off clipping planes, with options to clip dataset, bathymetry or both.

basic pipeline: vtkPolyData -> vtkMaskPoints -> vtkDelaunay3D-> vtkUnstructuredGrid -> vtkDataSetMapper -> vtkActor

There are six predefined color mapping schemes (based on ColorBrewer recommended schemes), by default rainbow scheme is selected:


Sequential scheme for temperatures.            Diverging scheme for pH values.                Qualitative scheme for daily progress.

  basic pipeline: vtkPolyData -> vtkMaskPoints -> vtkGaussianSplatter -> vtkContourFilter -> vtkPolyDataMapper -> vtkActor

  User can change the isosurface value, opacity and color.

User can turn on/off the bathymetry

User can show / hide the satellite photograph on surface, change the opacity of the surface photo. Also change the background color of the view.

The data are colored using the color mapping scheme for the current selected dataset in main view.

Executable download. Please put all the data files in the same directory as the executable.

by Yiwen Sun