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Research Interests

I am interested in resesarch topics on Real-Time Large-scale Data:

  • Graph, Link and Social Network Mining
  • Stream Mining
  • Text Mining
  • Uncertain Data Mining


Conference Papers

Journal Papers

Patent Applications

  • TECHNIQUES FOR INFERRING AN ORGANIZATIONAL HIERARCHY FROM A SOCIAL GRAPH, with Guan Wang, et al., United States 61/729,997, Filed November 26, 2012 by Linkedin Corp.
  • SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR RESELLER DISCOVERY AND ANALYSIS, with Neel Sundaresan and Zeqian Shen, United States 61/596,655, Filed February 8, 2012 by eBay Inc.

Hacking for Fun

1. Judge for the 3rd Intern Open Hackday Competition, 2013.

2. ClipIt: Organize Everything on the Web

Won 1st prize in the 2nd Intern Open Hackday Compeition, 2012. It's officially online at ScissorsFly.

3. LinkedOut: Next Generation Social Recruiting

Won 2nd prize in the 1st Intern Open Hackday Compeition, 2011. Click Here for details.

  • The prototype has been added to the Linkedin Product Team's roadmap!
  • A related (but not much) paper by us has been published in KDD'12: Magnet Community Identification on Social Networks. A very interesting paper to rank comapnies based on talent flows.