Adaptive Text Summarization Automatic text summarization is considered as a challenging task of machine learning in this project. A novel summarization system architecture which employs Gene Expression Programming technique as its learning mechanism.

Package or Language usd: JAVA, JBuiler

1/2003 – 8/2004
Data Mining Implemented different data mining algorithms, such as Naïve Bayes, Decision Trees, Neural Networks, Support Vector Machine, and Clustering to perform classification on a 16,000-record data set. Analyzed the results from each of the algorithms.

Package or Language usd: Java

9/2002 – 11/2002
Live Auction System

Developed a client/server application supporting live auction for a DOTCOM company. Performed system analysis, design specification development, programming with Perl/CGI, protocol design using XML.

Package or Language used: Perl, CGI, XML

9/2002– 10/2002
Database Manage System Design Project

Developed a prototype of a DBMS including three parts: a record manager, a buffer manager and an index manager. The record manager allows users to manipulate individual records, while the buffer manager allows access to individual pages of a database, and the index manager allows fast retrieval in a collection of index keys using B-tree index organization.

Package or Language used: C/C++

1/2002 – 4/2002
Online Tickets Booking System

Developed a website which supports ticket sales for a theater of performance arts. Integrated database of tickets information as well as management information. Play With It!

Package or Language used: ASP, Microsoft Visual Studio, Macrdomedia Dreamweaver

TCP Project

Use a TCP Driver to test a TCP protocol implementation. Consist of Test 1~6, running time can as long as 35 except Test 5 which should run for 75. Play with it!

Package or Language userd: C/C++


Chat Chat (click to see the full description)

Developed a Client-Server Interface using Java RMI. The program stores a recent message list...Play with it!

Note: To run it, you must have JDK installed on your PC and have the path set, and you need to know the IP of your PC. (How?)

Package or Language userd: Java RMI

9/2001 – 10/2001
Video Shop Database System

Designed a database application for a video rent shop using ERD to present the system. The database was in 3NF and implemented in Oracle 8i. The GUI enables a user to input simple criteria to perform complex queries backstage.

Package or Language used: PL/SQL, Oracle, Java

3/2001 – 5/2001
Visual Project Management System (VPMS)

Developed a prototype of VPMS for a construction management research project. The application communicated with AutoCAD 2000 and project resources database implemented with Access, driving the model in AutoCAD displaying chronologic state changes according to the scheduled tasks, resources availability stored in the Access database.

Package or Language used: VC++/VB, ARX programming

1/2000 – 11/2000