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Effective Abstractions in Multimedia
Layout, Presentation, and Interaction

In association with ACM Multimedia '95

Instructions for Authors

Here is what to do: Further details are given below.
Deadline: Monday, October 23rd, 1995

Electronic Format

The text files of the electronic documents should be HTML documents, i.e., ASCII files with embedded HTML (HyperText Markup Language) tags. Non-text information (e.g., mathematical equations, tables, graphics) and text information requiring special formatting (e.g., programs) should be created as separate GIF files and linked to the main text. If you would like to include other formats (e.g., MPEG, Quicktime) we ask you to do so by establishing links to your own site (click
here ).

Sample HTML Paper with Link to ACM Copyright Notice

here to go to the sample document.

How to Prepare HTML Documents

A primer to produce HTML documents can be found at
A Beginner's Guide to HTML.

Another introduction to HTML document formatting can be found in the HTML TUTORIAL.

In particular, you may want to read carefully on how to establish Hypertext Links, especially Links to Graphics and on how to include In-line Images. Links to non-text documents can be established in two modes:

As illustrated by these examples, the second mode should be used when the file to view is large.

If you have a formatted text file (e.g., in LaTeX or FrameMaker) you may want to convert it into HTML using an existing package that will also help you in converting your figures into GIF files. See this site.

Creating GIF files

Most drawing/painting programs should allow you to save a figure as a GIF file. Alternatively you should be able to capture a figure from the screen. Yet another possibility is to scan the figure from the hardcopy. Equations, tables, and source code may be difficult to format in HTML, and can be included as GIF images.
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