John Thornton Bell

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
University of Illinois, Chicago
Chicago, IL 60607
312 413-9054 Fax 313 413-0024
e-mail: JBell @ ( Remove spaces )

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1990 Ph.D. Chemical Engineering University of Wisconsin, Madison.
1988 M.S. Computer Science University of Wisconsin, Madison.
1987 M.S. Chemical Engineering University of Wisconsin, Madison.
1985 DEA Chemical Engineering Institut du Genie Chimique, Toulouse, France.
1984 B.S. Chemical Engineering Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta.


Present: Lecturer in Chemical Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Teach plant design, reactor design, and unit operations lab courses. Research the application of virtual reality to chemical engineering.
1990-1994: Technical Trainer, The Computer Classroom, Inc., Madison, WI. Delivered 40 hr/wk training on technically advanced computer subjects. Performed systems and network management and consulting services.
1985-1994: Consultant, Shanahan Valley Associates, Madison, WI. Performed engineering, computer modeling, and other programming tasks.
1978-1982: Cooperative education employee, Tennessee Eastman Company, Kingsport. Completed nine assignments of three months each, including process design, process improvement, and wastewater management engineering positions, as well as computer systems management, research laboratory technician, analytical laboratory technician, and mechanic's assistant assignments.