Sentiment Analysis: mining sentiments, opinions, and emotions

Bing Liu

Cambridge University Press, 2nd edition, 2020 (1st edition, 2015)

Abstract: Sentiment analysis is the computational study of people’s opinions, sentiments, emotions, and attitudes. This fascinating problem is increasingly important in business and society. It offers numerous research challenges but promises insight useful to anyone interested in opinion analysis and social media analysis. This book gives a comprehensive introduction to the topic from a primarily natural language processing point of view to help readers understand the underlying structure of the problem and the language constructs that are commonly used to express opinions and sentiments. It covers all core areas of sentiment analysis; includes many emerging themes, such as debate analysis, intention mining, and fake-opinion detection; and presents computational methods to analyze and summarize opinions. It will be a valuable resource for researchers and practitioners in natural language processing, computer science, management sciences, and the social sciences.

Teaching and Learning: This book is suitable for students, researchers, and practitioners interested in natural language processing in general, and sentiment analysis, opinion mining, emotion analysis, debate analysis, and intention mining in specific. Lecturers can use the book in class.

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448 Pages, 2020 (1st edition, 2015).
Hardback: ISBN 9781107017894
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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Problem of Sentiment Analysis
  3. Document Sentiment Classification
  4. Sentence Subjectivity and Sentiment Classification
  5. Aspect Sentiment Classification
  6. Aspect and Entity Extraction
  7. Sentiment Lexicon Generation
  8. Analysis of Comparative Opinions
  9. Opinion Summarization and Search
  10. Analysis of Debates and Comments
  11. Mining Intentions
  12. Detecting Fake or Deceptive Opinions
  13. Quality of Reviews
  14. Conclusions

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