Bing Liu

Professional Recognitions
Distinguished Professor
Department of Computer Science
University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)
851 S. Morgan Street (M/C 152)
Chicago, IL 60607-7053
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  • ACM SIGKDD Innovation Award
  • 4 Test-of-Time [3 awards + 1 honorable mention]
  • IEEE Fellow
  • AAAI Fellow
  • ACM Fellow

  • Research Interests (Bio: short, very short)

  • Lifelong and continual learning; AGI
  • Sentiment analysis, opinion mining
  • Natural language processing (NLP)
  • Data mining, machine learning
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  • Chair, SIGKDD (7/1/2013 - 6/30/2017)
  • Editorial Board, DMKD, TWEB, TKDE, TKDD
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  • Teaching

    Research Projects

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    Published Books

    Lifelong and Continual Learning Dialogue Systems

    Lifelong Machine Learning
    (Second Edition)

    Sentiment Analysis: mining
    opinions, sentiments,
    and emotions

    Sentiment Analysis and
    Opinion Mining

    Web Data Mining:
    exploring hyperlinks,
    contents & usage data

    Research Projects

    Keynote and Invited Talks (not updated) -- (recent talks on continual learning, some older talks)

    1. Invited Talk. “Sentiment Analysis with Lifelong Learning.” ETS, December 7, 2015.
    2. Invited Talk. “Sentiment Analysis with Lifelong Learning.” Brigham Young University, December. 3, 2015.
    3. Keynote speech. “Sentiment Analysis, Lifelong Learning and Intelligent Personal Assistants.” The 2015 Conf. on Technologies and Applications of Artificial Intelligence (TAAI-2015). Taiwan, Nov. 20-22, 2015.
    4. Invited talk. “Sentiment analysis and lifelong machine learning.” Frontiers in Computational Mathematics: AMS Central Fall Sectional Meeting, October 2-4, 2015.
    5. Keynote speech. “The State of Sentiment.” Sentiment Analysis Symposium, New York City, July 15-16, 2015.
    6. Invited tutorial. "Sentiment analysis: mining opinions, sentiments, and emotions." Sentiment Analysis Symposium, New York City, July 15-16, 2015.
    7. Keynote speech. “Deception Detection via Pattern Mining of Web Usage Behavior” Workshop on Data mining for Big Data: Applications, Challenges & Perspectives, Morocco, 03/25/2015
    8. Keynote speech. “Social Media Analysis via Continuous Learning.” Adobe Text Analytics Summit, Feb 26, 2015.
    9. Some older talks


    Professional Recognitions and Memberships

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