Research Interests

I am looking for motivated and passionate students. If you are interested in working with me, please feel free to reach out and start a conversation with me. My interests in computer science are broad, and I am willing to entertain any compelling projects. However, I am currently particularly interested in the following research areas:

  • Explicitly co-scheduling network and CPU resources so as to maximize high-level application and infrastructure objectives.

  • Integrating programmable NICs and switches into the OS and network core by developing new protocols and offloads that treat the servers and network in a cluster as a single heterogeneous processor.

  • New abstractions and frameworks for developing microservices and function chains. By changing how applications are programmed, new paradigms can enable the design of clean-slate application communication primitives that are both simple and efficient and simultaneously able to benefit from advanced hardware offloads like RDMA and in-network stream processing.

Recent Publications

Usenix ATC, 2017

More Publications

More Publications

See here or Google Scholar for a full publication list

. Low Latency Software Rate Limiters for Cloud Networks. APNET, 2017.


. Titan: Fair Packet Scheduling for Commodity Multiqueue NICs. Usenix ATC, 2017.

PDF Tech Report

. Scalable Multi-Failure Fast Failover via Forwarding Table Compression. SOSR, 2016.


. Planck: Millisecond-scale Monitoring and Control for Commodity Networks. SIGCOMM, 2014.


. Practical DCB for Improved Data Center Networks. Infocom, 2014.


. Low-latency Network Monitoring via Oversubscribed Port Mirroring. ONS, 2014.


. Plinko: Building Provably Resilient Forwarding Tables. HotNets, 2013.


. PAST: Scalable Ethernet for Data Centers. CoNEXT, 2012.


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I am currently teaching the following courses at UIC:

Professional Activities

Program committees:

  • APNet 2018
  • Usenix ATC 2018

NSF Panels:

  • 1 Panel in 2016
  • 1 Panel in 2015