Research Interests

I am looking for motivated and passionate students. If you are interested in working with me, please feel free to reach out and start a conversation with me. My interests in computer science are broad, and I am willing to entertain any compelling projects. However, I am currently particularly interested in the following research areas:

  • Explicitly co-scheduling network and CPU resources so as to maximize high-level application and infrastructure objectives.

  • Integrating programmable NICs and switches into the OS and network core by developing new protocols and offloads that treat the servers and network in a cluster as a single heterogeneous processor.

  • New abstractions and frameworks for developing microservices and function chains that are able to efficiently utilize heterogeneous environments. By changing how applications are programmed, new paradigms can enable the design of clean-slate application communication primitives that are both simple and efficient and simultaneously able to benefit from advanced hardware offloads like RDMA and in-network stream processing.

Recent Publications

Usenix ATC, 2017

More Publications

More Publications

See here or Google Scholar for a full publication list

. Low Latency Software Rate Limiters for Cloud Networks. APNET, 2017.


. Titan: Fair Packet Scheduling for Commodity Multiqueue NICs. Usenix ATC, 2017.

PDF Tech Report

. Scalable Multi-Failure Fast Failover via Forwarding Table Compression. SOSR, 2016.


. Planck: Millisecond-scale Monitoring and Control for Commodity Networks. SIGCOMM, 2014.


. Practical DCB for Improved Data Center Networks. Infocom, 2014.


. Low-latency Network Monitoring via Oversubscribed Port Mirroring. ONS, 2014.


. Plinko: Building Provably Resilient Forwarding Tables. HotNets, 2013.


. PAST: Scalable Ethernet for Data Centers. CoNEXT, 2012.


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I am currently teaching the following courses at UIC:

  • CS 361: Computer Systems (New website coming soon! For now, see the [S15 Section] taught by Chris Kanich)

Professional Activities

Program committees:

  • APNet 2018
  • Usenix ATC 2018

NSF Panels:

  • 1 Panel in 2016
  • 1 Panel in 2015