Lab 2: Turning in assignments

This lab is a test run for turning in the homeworks for this class, and a test run for doing the paired lab activities for this class. There are two main deliverables:

  1. For the first half hour of the lab, we’ll be helping people in the Blackboard Collaborate main room to make sure your SSH keys are working and added to your GitHub account. You can test that everything is working by submitting the lab’s Gradescope assignment: Go to the this GitHub Classroom assignment and accept the invite. The task is a super simple “write a program that returns 42” like in the video demo. For evaluation, you need to complete the process of working on your code and then turning it in via Gradescope, and demonstrate how you did that to your peer. All course assignments are visible from the course Gradescope page. Passing the gradescope assignment will be two points toward your lab grade for this week.

  2. If you have had any issues getting your programming environment set up, now is the time to get some help on that, either from the TA in lab or the other students. Once you feel you’re ready to demonstrate that you can turn in an assignment, find your breakout room on this sheet. Each tab on the sheet lists the breakout room number, the UIC email of the grader and the person-being-graded for the respective lab sessions. In your break out room, screen share with your evaluator and show them that you are able to execute the homework submission workflow. The grader will give you one point for each of:
    • Can clone a clean copy of your assignment GitHub repository using ssh without typing a password (this means the repository link will be of the format
    • Can make a change, commit it, and push it (again no password typing).
    • Can navigate to the course Gradescope page and upload those changes (this upload goes through GitHub, not the machine where you were doing your programming).
  3. When you are the grader, it’s your responsibility to watch the other student perform the steps in #2. If they get stuck on a specific thing, you can give them hints, help them out a bit, but not do it for them/straight up tell them the answer. Once they finish you must record their score via this form. Performing your assigned grading will earn you two points toward the lab.

Peer evaluation rubric

Peer evaluation for this lab is out of 3 points total. Here is how to assign points during peer evaluation:

task points
Clone your lab2 repo 1 point
commit and push a change 1 points
Submit the new version via Gradescope 1 points
Total points 3 points

Total grade calculation

task points
Turn in a Gradescope assignment that passes the tests 2 points
Demonstrate that you can clone, edit, push, and submit 3 points
Evaluate another student 2 points
Total points 7 points


There will be an “A” and a “B” evaluation: A runs from :30-:40 past the hour of your lab session, and B runs from :40-:50.

If your grader isn’t in lab, contact the TA and they will either pair you up with someone else or evaluate you. If the person you are in charge of grading isn’t in the lab, you can evaluate a TA.