Lab 3: Exam prep

This is a paired lab activity meant to prepare you for technical interviews and the concepts covered on the exam.

There is one deliverable: conducting the peer assessment as we did two weeks ago based on the pairings listed on this sheet. Each tab on the sheet lists the breakout room number, the UIC email of the grader and the person-being-graded for the respective lab sessions. Everyone that is evaluating in session 1 will have access to this doc that has the grading rubric for question 1, and everyone that is evaluating in session 2 will have access to this doc that has the grading rubric for question 2.

Peer evaluation rubric

The grading for this lab is just one point. The grading for this assignment is lenient but it is not purely “show up, get credit” - while these are complex questions with lots of answers, full credit should be given for anyone that is able to meaningfully hit any one of the points in the rubric.

Session Question Points
Session 1 Imagine a world without addends in relocation entries. What two features of relocation would no longer be possible and why? 1 point
Session 2 Explain why dynamic linking makes libraries easier to update. 1 point

When you’re the evaluator, make sure to record the response via this form.

Total grade calculation

task points
As an evaluator, ask your session question and evaluate their explanation 1 point
An an evaluatee, answer and give reasons for your answer to your session question 1 point


Please start Session 1 as soon as you get to lab; it will be over at :15 after the hour. Likewise, Session 2 will be over at :30 after the hour. With the remainder of the class, you are free to go or you can stick around for a group explanation by the TA at :30.

If your grader isn’t in lab, contact the TA and they will either pair you up with someone else or evaluate you. If the person you are in charge of grading isn’t in the lab, you can evaluate a TA.

You can only evaluate/be evaluated by the person who you are assigned, or someone that the TA has designated. Anyone who submits an evaluation besides this will receive a zero for the lab.