All readings are from Computer Systems, a programmer’s perspective, by Randal E. Bryant and David R. O’Hallaron unless otherwise stated.

This semester, the intended flow of a week of class is this:

  • Throughout the week: there will be assigned readings, video lectures, and discussion questions.
  • Mondays: there is a synchronous, online, required lab session with a short activity and a Gradescope quiz based on that activity due on that day at 5pm. Check your schedule for the time of your lab session; the lab will take place via Blackboard Collaborate.
  • Tuesdays: open Q&A office hours in MS Teams. Video lectures for the week premiere. I will keep them in this YouTube playlist.
  • Thursdays: Content quizzes and discussion question responses are due at noon. I will go over discussion question answers in class. Discussion questions are loosely based on exam question style, structure, and content.

All assignment turnins are through the course gradescope page.

If I find or mention additional useful videos & web resources I’ll add them to this google doc (UIC login required). Anyone can edit it so feel free to add resources you feel are helpful.