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Mark Grechanik Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin
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College of Engineering Research Award From UIC

Testing Applications with Data Anonymization (TaDa!)

T esting   Applications   with   Data   Anonymization   (TaDa!)   targets   a problem    of    improving    the    quality    of    testing    when    pr ivacy    laws prohibit   data   owners   to   share   data   with   testers.   Please   read   our award-winning  ISSRE paper to get more information.

Inferring Types of References to GUI Objects in Test Scripts

We offer    a    novel    approach    for    Type    Inference    of    GUI    Object    References (TIGOR)   in   test   scripts.   TIGOR   makes   types   of   GUI   objects   explicit   in   the source   code   of   scripts,   enabling   test   engineers   to   reason   more   effectively   about the   interactions   between   operations   in   complex   test   scripts   and   GUI   objects that   these   operations   reference.   We   describe   our   implementation   and   give   an algorithm   for   automatically   inferring   types   of   GUI   objects.   We   built   a   tool   and evaluated   it   on   different   GAPs.   Our   experience   suggests   that   TIGOR   is   practical and efficient, and it yields appropriate types of GUI objects.