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My Students
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Graduated Ph.D. Students: Dr. B.M. Mainul Hossain successfully defended his dissertation on October 25, 2013 on Enhancing Parallelism and Scalability of Database-Centric Applications. Dr.Hossain is an Assistant Professor at the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. PostDoc: Dr. Hainsheng Wang’s research was in detecting and resolving database deadlocks by generating and using supervisory controls. His first employment after his postdoc term was Oracle Corp. He was employed at my UIC lab from 11-2010 to 08-2011. PhD Committees: Sepideh Roghanchi, Delegation is (much) faster than you think. U. of Illinois, Chicago, IL. Malineh Monshizadeh, Inferring Specifications for Web Application Security, U. of Illinois, Chicago, IL. Peter Tse-Hsun Chen, Improving the Performance of Database-Centric Applications Through Program Analysis. Queen’s University, Canada. Wenyuan Fei, A Global Authentication System, U. of Illinois, Chicago, IL Sangmin Park, Effective Fault-Localization Techniques for Concurrent Software. Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA. Mehdi Mirakhorli, Preventing Erosion of Architectural Tactics through their Strategic Implementation, Preservation, and Visualization, DePaul University, Chicago, IL. Fayola Peters, Privacy and Utility for Defect Prediction, West Virginia University, VA. Nasir Ali, Traceability, Département de Génie Informatique et Génie Logiciel,  École Polytechnique de Montréal,  Montréal, (Québec) Canada. Collin McMillan, Creating and Evolving Software via Searching, Selecting and Synthesizing Relevant Source Code, The College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA. Prithvi Bisht, Learning Intended Behavior to Detect and Prevent Attacks on Web Applications, University of Illinois at Chicago. Carlos Castro-Herrera, Application of Recommender Systems to Requirements Engineering Tasks, Depaul University, Chicago. Nazri Kama, Developing and assessing techniques for predicting the impact of a change request made during software development, University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia. Plamen Petrov, Enhancing the Software Architecture Analysis and Design Process with Inferred Macro-Architectural Requirements, U. of Illinois, Chicago. Kalpana Gondi, Program Analysis Techniques For Data Confidentiality, U. of Illinois, Chicago. Graduated UIC MS students under the master thesis option: Master theses of three students that I supervised were published as research papers at a competitive conferences. 1. Giovanni Agugini Bassi. Functional Programming Framework For Generating Random Java Programs With Prolog- Based Grammar Validation. April, 2019. 2. Gurpreet Kaur Chabada. Extracting concepts and constructing ontology from Software Engineering research papers. March 2019. 3. Giacomo Scolari. HARVEY: On Runtime Verification of Cyber-Physical Spaces. May 2018. 4. Kruti Sharma. Securing Smartphone Application in the Presence of Accessibility Technologies. May, 2017. 5. Davide Pagano, An Experimental Framework For Localizing Field Failures in Deployed Software Applications. December, 2015. 6. Aswathy Nair, Automatically Finding Abstractions for Input Space Partitioning for Software Performance Testing. September, 2011. 7. Andrea Bonisiol, Thesis: Testing Rule-Based Applications. December 2010. 8. Marco Comi, Thesis: Exploring Sourceforge Java Repository: A Structured Storage For Java Applications. May 2010. I co-supervised Marco with prof.Carlo Ghezzi. 9. Stefano Crespi, Thesis: Exploring Sourceforge Java Repository: Design and Implementation of Java Parser. May 2010. I co-supervised Stefano with prof.Carlo Ghezzi from the Politecnico di Milano. 10. Luca DiMinervino, Thesis: Design and Analysis of Portfolio: A Code Search Engine That Is Based On Module Dependencies Ranking. May 2010. 11. Daniele Casulli, Thesis: Development Of Personalized Mashup Components. May 2010. I co-supervised Daniele with prof. Maristella Matera from the Politecnico di Milano. 12. Luca DeFerrari, Thesis: Exploring Sourceforge Java Repository: Design and Implementation of the Multithreaded Crawler. December 2009. I co-supervised Luca with prof.Carlo Ghezzi from the Politecnico di Milano. 13. Alessio di Stasio, Thesis: Executing Universal Compositions: A Framework for the Integration of Web Services and User Interfaces. May, 2009. I co-supervised Alessio with profs. Prasad Sistla from UIC and Maristella Matera from the Politecnico di Milano. Graduated UIC MS students under the master project option: 1. Guillermo Vazques, December, 2008; 2. Palak Jain, May 2009; 3. Samatha Mannem, May 2009; 4. Arvind Gopal, May 2009; 5. Svetha Doddapaneni, December 2009; 6. Venu Madhav Thiruveedhi, December 2009. 7. Rahul Kolganti, December 2009. 8. Swetha Shenoy, December 2009. 9. Navya Bisalehali, December 2009. 10. Vijay Dheeraj Reddy Mandadi, August 2009. 11. 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