Hi, come on in, and welcome to the main home page of:

Dr. John T. Bell

Department of Computer Science
University of Illinois, Chicago
1120 Science & Engineering Offices ( MC 152 )
851 South Morgan, Chicago, IL 60607
312 413-9054

JBell @ uic.edu ( Remove spaces to send mail )

Last updated June 2017

This web page serves as a central starting point and branching off point for all of my web pages. It is broken down into the following categories:

"Current" Events

New information is added here first, and later moved or copied to other relevant areas. Some of these items are considered to be always "current", and will always be here.

Course Related Pages

The following pages relate to my teaching activities, including archives of past courses I've taught and resource information for current and past students.

Professional Pages

The following links relate to my professional activities and interests.


Personal Pages

The following pages describe some of my personal interests, and provide links to pages that I've found interesting for personal reasons.